Ramprasad Engineers Inc. provides professional consulting engineering, project management and architectural services. Our business is dedicated to provide efficient and effective management of all phases of a project.

Services run from concept to completion, including feasibility studies, user requirement studies, assembly of design teams, and construction ' management. Ramprasad Engineers Inc. has strong experience in industrial, civil, commercial, institutional, and residential projects. We also handle heavy industrial projects such as steel mills, petrochemical plants, mining, utilities and transportation.

We cater to the special needs of our clients regarding services and reporting. We are flexible in our approach and can tailor to suit our clients' interests and specific requirements. All projects, regardless of size, will receive special attention.

Over the past few yeas, Ramprasad Engineers Inc. has progressively refined the provision of engineering services, incorporating all the knowledge gained by decades of professional engineering experience. Our office has been updated to include all the tools and technology necessary to effectively complete your project.

With our clients' needs and budgets in mind, we always try to find the most cost efficient route in achieving top quality results. Our high efficiency allows us to lower our fees as much as possible, while providing professional service.