West Shore Village, Port Perry, Ontario
Design of stormwater and sewer system for 169 unit condominium and apartment complex for seniors.
Project included an Environmental Report, and special consideration for an Environmentally Protected Area.
Construction Cost. $1 million

Hard-Go Construction Ltd., Whitby, Ontario
Emergency Falsework Inspection and Certification.
Bridge at Dundas St. E. and LupIn Dr..

Septic System, Residential Service.
Mr. Joe Underwood, Cannington, Ontario

Golden Rice Bowl Restaurant, Oshawa, Ontario
Commercial land development, site plan design including survey, grading, drainage; parking and landscaping.
Construction Cost: $20,000

Courtice Steel Inc., Cambridge, Ontario
Design of a new metal scrapyard, land development including tie In tracks from the plant warehouse to existing CN rail line.
Construction Cost $300,000

Rapid Transit System, Edmonton, Alberta
Geometric design, track layout & cross sections, curves, elevations, grades, gradients, structural elements of tunneling system, underground stations & support system for overhead roadways.

Town of Munson, Munson, Alberta
Street Improvement Program, design only.
Construction Cost: $150,000

Hobbema Housing Project, Hobberna, Alberta
Subdivision design for the Louis Bull Band.
Administration, Development of 80 acres of land Structural design of an industrial building.
Construction Cost $3 million